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Who We Are:

Portsmouth STEM Academy is a private, non-profit school in Portsmouth, Ohio serving grades K-12. The K-8 school opened in August of 2014, and the addition of a High School Academy is opened in Fall 2016. We offer a robust curriculum in science, technology, engineering, and math, while still providing a fully integrated liberal arts program in liberal arts including language arts, social studies, foreign language, art, music, theatre, physical education, critical thinking, problem solving, and debate.


Our Beliefs:

We believe that children deserve a learning center focused on their intellectual, emotional, and physical needs. Schools should be exciting worlds of exploration, guiding students through what they need to know, and encouraging them to excel in the realms that most appeal to them individually. We believe in learning by coaching, hands-on practice, and experimentation.

Academy Life

Our Environment & Structure:

We provide a collaborative, open-classroom environment, with learning groups based on student achievement levels within each course of study. Every student should work at their level of understanding, whether above or below their grade in different content areas. We foster student collaboration and mentorship through long-term group projects and student-led activities.


Academic Calendar:

We operate on a year-round schedule of three terms separated by two-week intersession break. Fall and Winter terms are supplemented with a unique and fun Summer term that blends enrichment and special projects, including transportation to and from age-appropriate sports, music, fine and performing arts, science fair projects, tech camps, and more.

View PSA's 2019 - 2020 Academic Calendar Here


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